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1 Via S. Antioco
Sardinia, 09010

+39 347 9497274

Il borgo Rosso Porpora, grazie alla sua ubicazione strategica, vi offre la possibilità di esplorare l'intero territorio del Sulcis, avendo una sistemazione tradizionale e accogliente in prossimità di paesi e cittadine che offrono tutti i servizi di cui potrete avere bisogno.

Non una semplice vacanza, ma una esperienza del territorio forte e autentica.   

The hamlet Rosso Porpora is placed in a strategic position that allows you to explore the whole Sulcis- Iglesiente territory, having a comfortable house close to villages and cities where you can find everything you need for a pleasant stay.

Not a simple holiday, but a strong and authentic experience.


The Is Locci Santus hamlet is the result of the restoration of a Medau, a sardinian housing complex, typical of the Sulcis area. The houses are very close to San Giovanni Suergiu's village in front of San'Antioco Island, in the south-west of Sardinia. This hamlet is 20 meters above the sea level, rises on the side of a hill that hosts an archaeological site of Domus de Janas (also called “House of fairies”), ancient pre-nuragic necropolis.

Historically the Medau structure was made of a dry stone wall perimeter with wide hedges of prickly pear. Inside this perimeter, each member of the family built a small building. These buildings were built with stone walls and mud, with the roof made of wood-reeds and an ample courtyard for the livestock.

Antonello Steri is the creator of regeneration project of Is Loccis Santus, a hamlet that was abandoned from the early fifties.

Using ancient building techniques inherited from Nuragic and Phenician populations, every single house was restored with handmade materials created directly in situ. Shingles and tiles were recreated in an old artisan workshop using a wood furnace, whereas the raw clay bricks (called in the regional language “ladiri”) were hand-crafted and sun dryed. This process has guaranteed the rebirth of a place where time stands still, creating a tourist-cultural experience focused on the safeguard of the local agricultural landscape and of the social-architectonic history of Sulcis.

Antonello wasn't alone in this project. His father Carmelo and his brother Adriano have restored the entire hamlet structure; his mother Raffaella and his sister Elisabetta have adorned the houses with small embroidery's masterpieces, dedicating themselves to curating every single aspects of the guests stay.

The Rosso Porpora holiday solution is unique in its genre: a place in front of a crystal clear sea but connected with the wild inner land, where you can enjoy not only a high quality vacation, but also a deep cultural and social experience, discovering a new gem in the mediterranean sea.


P.IVA 01697610829 - Case Vacanza Rosso Porpora, Loc. Is Loccis Santus, San Giovanni Suergiu (CI), 09010, Sardegna, IT.